Sunday, 18 September 2016

How to generate XML Sitemap for Blogger

An XML, also called Google sitemap, is necessary for a blog or website which helps search engine crawlers to crawl and index content on your blog easily. Blogger blogs with .blogspot sub-domains contain an xml sitemap on them which is generated automatically and kept updated with your latest content. The sitemap of blogs with .blogspot sub-domain can be accessed at and you can submit it directly to Google Webmaster Tools or anywhere else, but when you add your custom domain to your Blogger blog, the xml sitemap couldn’t be accessed anymore and thus you need to manually configure XML/Google sitemap for your Blogger blog. To do so, follow below simple steps:
1. Visit and generate XML sitemap for your Blogger blog by entering your blog URL there

2. After the generator generates sitemap for your blog, copy the generated text from the box

3. Now go to Blogger dashboard, select your blog and then go to Search Preference section in Settings
4. In search preference, select Yes in front of Enable custom robots.txt content? and paste the sitemap content in the box which you have generated in first step

5. After pasting the content, Save changes
You are all done! Now whenever Google will crawl your blog, it will first look robots.txt file on your blog as it always do and then will crawl your entire blog. This XML sitemap doesn’t need to be submitted in Google Webmaster Tools also and you don’t need to update it after you generate and add it to your blog. All latest posts are fetched via atom.xml on your blog and your latest content is automatically suggested to Google bot. Thus your blog content will get indexed easily. Enjoy!

try this at your own risk. We are not responsible for any loss if something goes wrong.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Simple ways to get your blog quickly indexed by Google

Quickly get indexed
Sometimes, it takes very long for your blog posts to get indexed by Google and other search engines. It frustrates a lot when you write-up a post at night but it doesn’t appear in SERPs till next morning. If it is the case with your blog posts, you need to do adapt some strategies which will make your blog post indexing by Google super fast. It is important that if your posts get indexed faster, they will drive organic traffic sooner.

Reasons for Delayed Indexing of Your Blog Posts

Two most common reasons, which result in delayed indexing of your blog posts, are listed below.

Infrequent Update of Blog Posts

When you update your blog occasionally, it fails to provide fresh content to search engine crawlers on higher frequencies. When search engine crawlers detect that you aren’t adding new content on regular basis, they lower their crawl rate and thus your posts don’t get indexed quickly Google and all other search engines.Though this factor is of very minute importance if you keep building backlinks.

Less Number of Backlinks

Number and quality of backlinks also matter in quick indexation of your blog posts. We will discuss later how you can make indexing of your posts quicker by building backlinks.You can also check the easy way to build quality backlinks by commenting

Getting Your Blog Posts Indexed Fast by Google

Below tips will help you in getting quicker indexation of your blog posts by Google. As all these practices have delivered me brilliant results, I hope that you will also find these tips working.

1. Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provide you with all necessary tools for managing your blog’s visibility in search engines. In Google Webmaster Tools, there is an option which allows you to control crawl rate of Google bot to your blog. To get your blog posts quickly indexed by Google, fetch the URL of published post from Google Webmaster Tools and submit it to index. By doing this, you invite Google bot to visit your blog post and index it. In such a way, the post is indexed very quickly, otherwise it may take long.
Bing webmaster tool is also quite effective to get quickly indexted by Yahoo and Bing search engine.

2. Build Inbound Links

inboundThere are a lot of webpages on the Internet at which content goes live on Google and other search engines only a few seconds after the publish. Building some (dofollow) backlinks from such sources greatly helps in quicker indexation of blog posts you publish on your blog. When search engine crawlers crawl these sources (as they do frequently), they follow your blog link, reach your blog and index what you have posted.

3. Add Fresh Content on Frequent Basis

freshWhen you add fresh content on your blog on frequent basis, search engine crawlers find more and more new content and they increase their crawl frequency to your blog. When you keep posting regularly, these crawlers also get punctual in visiting your blog and they index the content quickly soon after you add it. It is one of the best practices for getting your content indexed fast that, add more and more content on regular basis, but always ensure that the content is new and unique.Even if you don't add fresh content or update then keep building backlinks, as backlinks helps google to crawl your page again and again even if there is no new content.

4. Make Crawl Easy for Search Engines

Search engine crawlers grab content well on well structured blogs and websites, so to make indexation of your content quick and easy, build a good blog structure. For achieving this, use a simple theme with less scripts, build a good navigation and develop a good internal linking structure across your entire blog. A good site structure will not only make indexation of your content fast and easy for search engines, but it will help you in gaining higher rankings in SERPs also.
5. Ping Your Blog
Pinging informs search engines that something new has been added to your blog and thus search engine crawlers visit your blog to know what has been added. So after publishing your blog posts, ping your blog URL using PingoMatic or any other pinging service. Ping your blog URL once only as higher pinging isn’t recommended. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, then it has an inbuilt feature of auto-pinging and pings the posts automatically when they are published.

6. Increase Number of Comments on Your Blog

guestThis is yet another working strategy which greatly increases the crawl rate of Google bot to your blog. When you succeed in increasing comments on your blog, more and more unique content is added (as comment of each commentator is unique ). The good thing about comments is that they are kept added all the time and Google bot stays on your blog grabbing new text. Now when you write and publish a new post, it gets indexed very quickly.

7.Blog submission to Directories

Submitting blog to high PR directories also increase respect of a site in Google's eye. 
These were 5 tips which will bring search engine bots to your blog on regular basis and your content will get indexed quickly. I hope these tips will solve your issue if you are facing the prolonged indexation of your blog posts. Got any other tips? Don’t forget to share in comments.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Is a high paying alternative to Adsense?

Several advertising networks join the world of PPC and CPM advertising but none of them able to stand in front of AdSense. Some advertising networks even disappeared from the entire web. Some others are operating but they don’t reach even nearer to AdSense. The reason behind failure of these networks is that big brands choose Google Adwords to promote their products and small advertising networks fail to get high-budget advertisers and as a result, they can’t pay good to publishers.
A few days back, I tried MadAdsMedia. It is somehow good but still it stayed much behind than AdSense. In such a situation, finding a good alternative for AdSense is a tough task. Infolinks, Chitika, Qadabra and some other networks are somehow popular but they have their own issues. Some make the site ugly and some pay very low. On the other hand, some advertising networks pay good but they don’t approve sites easily. BuySellAds’s traffic requirements are not high, still they didn’t approve my blog last month. It seems strange. TribalFusion is among highest paying advertising networks, but it also accepts highly visited websites and blogs.

Next, the only advertising network, which deserved to be called as the best alternative to AdSense, is the Yahoo-Bing’s Their contextual ads earn you the money from your blog’s impressions. Several people have been accepted into their program and they are happy. When I inquired a small publisher, he said that he is earning around $5-$6 each day and ads at his blog get around 3K impressions for generating $6. It reveals that isn’t bad at all and may be the true alternative to AdSense if AdSense has either ban you or something else has gone wrong with it.
My experience with is very bad.You can check my final comment in the end.

Signing Up at reviews the submitted applications manually and invite you to work with them if they find your blog or website deserving for showing their ads on it. To start working with them, visit and submit the form. After submitting the form, wait till they review your submitted details. If you are accepted in their program, you will be emailed and then you can setup’s ads on your blog to start monetizing your traffic.
To get eligible for showing ads from on your blog or website, your blog needs to receive majority of traffic from US, UK and other western countries. Once you are accepted, a dedicated person will stay with you assisting in setting up ads on your site and in optimizing the ads to maximize your blog’s revenue. Support from is brilliant and they stay ready always to help you out whenever you face any issue.
My earning with stuck at 0$
I had used earlier on one of my blog which showed an RPM around $2 which isn’t bad at all and is the highest among CPM networks But then all the days afterward,the earning remained zero.I contacted their support and they asked me to be patient because it will take a couple of 'weeks' to know my site and adjust ads.Infact,what they meant was to say me to shut my mouth for a few weeks on seeing earning stuck to 0$.So finally I unplugged them.

Is better than Adsense?

To be honest,I tried for couple of weeks and earning was stuck at 2$ while my traffic was higher than 1.5k daily on average so I would suggest you to stay with adsense and don't go for greedy unless you have traffic from UK and USA.In that case,Adsense will still be better.
My final advice:

Never use unless you are ready to wait for a month or so to see your site stuck at 0$ because they are experimenting with ads.

This is how responds when you complain about 0 earning.
Since these are the first few days of ads being put up, our system is testing an array of creative and optimization options to figure what works on your site. These tests will be concluded in a couple of week's time and you should be seeing significant improvement in the coming days. I will keep you posted with any suggestions that my ad specialists may have to improve the numbers as well. 


So it's up-to you but is not worth. So it's better if you keep yourself and traffic away from it.Moreover,their ads are not at all good looking.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Should I use MadAdsMedia? CPM network

While searching for Adsense alternative,I came up with MadAdsMedia.
MadAdsMediaI got impressed by logos of all major PPC and CPM brands including AdSense, Microsoft Advertising, AOL and several others  which were being displayed on homepage.

A calculator was also there which was ready to calculate and tell me about the possible revenue. I then went through it and put in 5000 as daily ad impressions, chose just 5% visitors from both US and UK (although my blog receives good traffic from US, but I was going to calculate the revenue with traffic from the countries other than these two) and then calculated the revenue. The calculated eCPM was good which was $0.92.

Joining MadAdsMedia

After that, I submitted my application for review and day after, I received a confirmation email from them saying that my site has been accepted. A few minutes later, I received another email saying that I can show ads from Google ad network (AdSense) also. (It was because of the reason that my blog’s Alexa stats are good and MadAdsMedia takes this in account during evaluating websites .

MadAdsMedia ad codes

It took another two days before ad codes for my blog got ready. I then implemented the code on my blog by thinking that it will double my blog’s revenue along with AdSense, but the results were not much appreciating. The most frustrating thing was the worst eCPM which never crossed the highest ever value of just $0.34. I am now wondering from where does my traffic come? From any other planet than earth?  , as they were promised me with a minimum eCPM of $0.92. But what happened after the ad implementation? Was MadAdsMedia’s calculator telling lie? Or it is just for attracting people? Here are the stats of my blog’s earnings.
MadAdsMedia Payment
MadAdsMedia Payment proof

My experience with MadAdsMedia

It is my 13th day with MadAdsMedia and till now, it has dissatisfied me. I am sorry to say that MadAdsMedia doesn’t provide the highest eCPM rates in the market about which the network is claiming. Due to its low eCPM rates, I replaced its top banner with AdSense. Another interesting thing about MadAdsMedia on my blog is that now it is showing ads only from AdSense.

Final advice about MadAdsMedia

If you are going to try MadAdsMedia, then you should do experiment. I have read in several popular forums that some people are getting good eCPM rates at this ad network. As we know that there is no any competitor of AdSense, but MadAdsMedia is somehow good and is better than several other advertising networks. If you don’t have AdSense or if you want to earn some extra revenue from your blog, then you should try MadAdsMedia. After trying it, please comeback here and share your experience as others are waiting for knowing about this advertising network. If you have already experienced, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. Comments are appreciated.

The review was written much earlier and MadAdsMedia also had malicious ads for a few days also so they are having bad reputation.Personally,I don't recommend you to use them.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Black mart alpha direct Download

Blackmart Alpha is a great application to download games and other applications for Android phones from Android marketplace. 
blackmartThe application lists all free available applications for Android mobile phones and you can download your desired application with a single click. At present, Blackmart Alpha is considered as the best download manager available for Android phones which is loved by millions of Android users.

Functions of Blackmart alpha 

Unlike Google Play, Blackmart Alpha lists free applications and you don’t need to pay for the application which you wish to download and use in your Android phone. The robust servers of Blackmart always stay up and provide you free download of millions of Android applications with extreme ease. You don’t need to search for your favorite application on Google or don’t need to invest money for downloading the files, instead, you can download apps using Blackmart Alpha for free.
Just download Blackmart Alpha .apk file, install it on your Android mobile phone and browse a huge collection of several available Android apps which are free to download and use. You can download latest version of Blackmart Alpha (v0.99.3.37.apk) from the link provided below.

Download Blackmart Alpha Latest Version

Are you facing difficulties in installing the app? Learn here how to install Blackmart Alpha on your Android device.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

High PR Do-Follow backlinks by comments

Importance of Backlinks

backlinks SEO
Backlinks are vital for SEO. They give life to your SEO efforts and bring your SEO efforts in action. You are familiar with the fact that Search Engine Optimization is incomplete without backlinks, but what should you do to get backlinks to your website? You may be looking for answer of this question.

So keep reading this article. You will find a list of high PR do-follow Web 2.0 websites at the end, from which you can get quality and relevant backlinks.

Are bulk backlinks good?

There are many resellers of backlinks in the market which give you bulk backlinks. They claim to give high PR backlinks on low costs. But remember always, never go for those services to build links to your website. You may ask here that why should you don’t go for those easy ways? The answer is below.

How to get relevant Backlinks?

quality backlinksBacklinks work well if they come from relevant websites. Meaning that Google considers the relevancy of backlinks first, the quality comes later, and the quantity undoubtedly comes at the last. So you need the backlinks from relevant websites. Suppose if you have a software blog, then a backlink from a PR4 software website is healthier for your blog than another link coming from a PR7 music website. It means that the bulk paid backlinks will not do much in improving your website’s PR.I have also taught how to submit site in 50 high PR directories which would also be an interesting read for good backlinks.

It is another case that you may get more referral visitors by those services, but you don’t need this, if you are looking for long-term success,  as your visitors will disappear soon after your subscription for those paid services expires. All you have to do is, go for building the links by your own, i.e. visit high PR blogs, forums and websites which are related with your one and then build links there by commenting, guest posting and other means on that websites.

List of high page rank do follow backlink sites

Below is a long list of high PR Web 2.0 websites at which you can create a blog to get do-follow links to your main website. To earn the most from these Web 2.0s, first create blogs there, then build some backlinks to them so they will get indexed in search engines and then link back from these blogs / websites to your main site. It is the best practice to maintain these Web 2.0s so they will boost ranking of your main site effectively. Below is the list:


    This was a list of do-follow Web 2.0 websites which will give you free backlinks. Go for them.
    Never go for buying backlinks,it would only damage your site.Think of only natural ways.

    Verify PayPal Using Payoneer US Payment Service in Pakistan

    For working of this method you should have a Payoneer card and you can get Payoneer in Pakistan with free 25$ which is limited time offer.
    If you join Payoneer through this link you will get 25$ sign up bonus.

    After getting sign up,this is simple easy.

    As you belong to a PayPal unsupported country and want to get a verified PayPal account, you can get it done using Payoneer’s US Payment Service. To verify your PayPal account, you need a Payoneer account with US Payment Service enabled for it. If you still don’t have a Payoneer account, get a Payoneer account now. If you have already an approved Payoneer account, follow below steps to get your PayPal verified using Payoneer’s US Payment Service.

    Verify PayPal Using Payoneer US Payment Service

    • Sign-in to your Payoneer account and navigate to US Payment Service under Receive Money tab
    us payment
    • On US Payment Service page, scroll down to bottom where you will see the routing number and account number which US Payment Service has provided you
    • Note down these two numbers or let this page open and open your unverified PayPal account in another tab or window
    • In your PayPal dashboard, you will see the status of your account as “Unverified“. Click “Get Verified” link
    • In next page, select “Add Bank Account” option and then provide the routing number and account number which you have noted from US Payment Service’s page in your Payoneer account and click “Continue
     us payment
    • After linking your account number with PayPal, wait for 2 or 3 days
    • PayPal will make two test transactions to your Payoneer account within two or three days. You will receive an email notification from Payoneer when the test money is received in your account
    • Go to your Payoneer account and note down the two amounts which PayPal has sent you
    • Now go back to your PayPal account and again follow “Get Verified” link
    • In appeared screen, select “Confirm Bank Account” option
    • Enter the test amounts which PayPal has sent on your Payoneer account and click “Submit
    Now your PayPal account is verified. To take advantage of full features of PayPal, don’t forget to link your Payoneer MasterCard with your PayPal account. Before linking the card, ensure that your Payoneer card has a few dollars ($4-$5) loaded to it. Otherwise you will fail to link the card as PayPal deducts a small test amount from the card while linking process.
    Have you got any questions regarding verifying your PayPal through Payoneer’s US Payment Service? Ask below in comments.