Sunday, 21 August 2016

How to make a good blog?

Newly joined bloggers often remain unsuccessful because of lack of much knowledge about blogging.
If you are a new blogger then it is must for you to learn ways of success in the planet of blogging.
A few important tips to become a good blogger are as follows.

Be Real:

While blogging,you need to put real information about yourself on your site.Don't show yourself as a cartoon/pet.
Be Real
Content is king in blogging world.If you want to be successful then you need to serve audience.You have to write unique content.It is fully true "no pain no gain" in blogging world.
Never make visitors hate you.

1)avoid copying

New bloggers often copy others metarial to be successful.The truth is 
"You can be successful through copying"
But only for a little time and then Google will through you in spam bin.Never try to use such tricks.

2)unique content

Unique content is necessary for success.Choose blog's name and title wisely.

3)what is copying?

Copying can be good too.I mean,If you search a lot about a topic and watch enough videos that you learn a topic then  you should write a post in your own words explaining the whole matter easily.
Blogging is about serving audience by giving them ease and comfort.In this sense,copying can be good.


Use of brain is must in blogging.Write what you know.Don't confuse visitors and yourself.clear matters before audience.

5)serve your visitors

This is key to success in blogging.You can never win without winning hearts of people who visit your site.Work hard in providing help to visitors.

5)More than hobby

A successful blogger always takes blogging something more than a hobby.You need to give your blood to raise your site.

5)Add images in posts

Adding images in a post is essential for its success.Importance of Images is like that of salt in a beautiful dish.A blog is always incomplete without good images.


You need to learn slowly about making heading and subheading in your post.This will make easy for visitors to know about content of whole page in one  eye view.

7)Use text formatting

Use bold,italic and large characters in within post to highlight important points.You can also write lines in different colours to make post better for site visitors.

8)Importance of backlinks

Backlinks of a blog or a site are backbone of it.They are essential for life of a blog in search engine.Never try to make back links by yourself.Let back links grow naturally through your great content.

9)Social media activity

Make social media accounts and pages of your blogs on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube etc.It's not so very important but it keeps traffic in balance.

10)Entertain comments 

Always be quick at replying to comments of visitors.You can win thousands visitors by replying with good manner to a single one.Replying to comments leaves a good impression of yours on site visitors.

11)Guest posting

Write reviews on forums and other websites to promote your website.Also,ask your friends to support you through either writing on your blog or  giving your blog a review on their site.

12)Conclusive posts

Never try to write more than what is needed.Write in conclusive manners.Your blog is not a boring exam paper so write in easy and visitor friendly way.

13)No money thinking at start

Do not think of making money from start of your blog otherwise you will flop because patience in necessary for success of a blog.
Money blog

14)become a Lover not a hater

Do not exaggerate in praising yourself so that visitors may get jealous of you and start hating you.Always make them realise that you are always there to help them.

15)consistency in blogging

One of important point is being alive on your blog.Never lose hope and patience.Be regular and consistent in writing content.Do not be like those who post thrice in a day and then after a month for fifth time and then after an year.Attracting traffic is not a work of a few days.It requires work and time so be patient and consistent.

Why unsuccessful?

There are certain reasons which cause many blogger to stay wandering in blogosphere.I have mentioned some reasons above like copying etc.
Most important of these reasons include:


Many new bloggers have no time to blog.Taking out time to look after your blog is necessary Otherwise you will lose ranking and reputation.

Money thirst

A large number of bloggers destroy their skills because if their lust of earning dfast money.This does not let them work sincerely. 

Interest in blogging

You must be interested in your blog otherwise you will lose.Never run a blog forcefully.Works because you love to work on your blog.

Sleep control

You may need to deduct your sleep to become a successful blogger.blogging demands sacrifices too.
Annoying ads
Never use annoying pop up ads.Always use user friendly ads like Adsense and infolinks.Using third class ads will destroy your reputation in Google.
Never compete others rather work hard by yourself.Never let yourself burn in fire of jealousy because it will burn all your skills.Do not spend time in dreaming which has no benefit.Learn from good bloggers.


If you want to be a successful blogger then you must show all your talent.Use your skills to win hearts of visitors.
My conclusive argument:
If you want to be a successful blogger then
"Write in your natural way"
and you will be successful.Being too much conscious can mislead your skills.

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