Friday, 26 February 2016

How to use blogger profile instead of Google plus in about me

If you are a blogger then you are very much dependent upon your blog SEO.I was annoyed to find out that my Google plus profile was being displayed at my blog's footer.
I knew that I could have a blogger profile at the same place so I started searching to revert Google plus profile to blogger profile at my blog.
My mistake:
When I made the blog,I opt Google plus profile rather than Blogger profile.
I found no direct way of reverting to blogger profile.

Switch to blogger profile:

Go to the link : Switch
Please follow through.
You will be prompt to a page like this.
After selecting switching to old blogger profile.A page like this will be opened and you are done.

Select your display name and save.Now you're done.

Advantages of Blogger profile

1)SEO advantages


Your blogger page will come in Google search results so SEO will be enhanced.Also you will have backlinks of your and your friends' blogs.

Referring to your other blogs easily

Blogger profile is simple and its layout is easy to understand.Visitors will easily come to know you and can also check other blogs that you may have.

Blogger profile sample

Profile Sample
This is a Blogger profile for which I tried hard to get it.It's simpler and faster than G+.


It got some disadvantages also which are advantages of G+.

Advantages of Google plus

Increase followers

There are large number of people who have a Google Plus account so its easier for them to follow you there than on Blogger.

Search visibility

Even if your blog is new,your shared posts will come in Google's search result.So you can take advantage of Google Plus's reputation to get yourself in search results on a new topic.

Interacting with people

It's easy for you to find,help and communicate the world on G+.It would be a good way of getting reputation for yourself and for your blog.

Social media promotion

Having a G+ profile is more like a social media promotion of your blog.You can add a lot of people in your circles to get in touch with them.

Personal relation

With G+,you can be known by people personally so people will enjoy you more on your blog.Keep replying your visitor make it easy for them to remember you in this busy life.

Revert to Google plus:

If you think G+ profile is better than Blogger profile then you have also a way to revert to G+.
It's easy and simple,
Open you blog and go to Google+ in menu like in picture below.

Then click on Get started.

Switch to G+

Simply click switch now and you are done.
Don't forget to add your comments.

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