Sunday, 14 February 2016

Easiest way to download full channel of Youtube

This method is for those who want to download all videos of a particular uploader on YouTube.Like,if you are a student and you want all video given by a particular institute to be in your PC for offline use then there is no better method than what is given below.

Internet Download manager
Within a minute

Advantages of method;
You will not need any special Youtube video downloader
Risk free shortcut

How to Download Playlist from youtube?

You can easily download all videos of a particular playlist on youtube.
Follow the Link
Playlist videos

After placing playlist link on the given site,you will get a bunch of download links.Copy Them all with CTRL+A key and then make a new text document file in your computer.Paste all copied links in that text document.

Now,Open IDM and click on Tasks on top left corner of window.A drop down menu will appear.Now click on Import then click on 'From text file'.Select the text file you made earlier and you are done.
Download videos through IDM

Same method applies for downloading a complete channel with all its videos.

How to download all videos of  a particular YouTube channel?

Follow this link.

Complete channel

Open channel page on youtube.Then click 'right mouse button' anywhere on page.Select 'page source'.Search for 'CHANNELID' by pressing CTRL+F.Copy channel id and paste in box given at the site.
Next procedure is same as given above for a playlist videos.

How to download a particular YouTube Video?

You will get a download link from the site given below.Either download linked file through IDM or through web browser.
Download YouTube Video

Full method:
Follow on screen instruction to get things working.
I will soon post a full tutorial on this method if God wills.'

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