Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Use 'Featured Post' with image on Blogger

Blogger has released a very useful widget to show your best moments and posts in sidebar on your blog.It is known as 'Featured Post'.


Used featured post function in blog
Featured post example
I have used this function in my blog and it's something really nice.


*Don't lose your visitors rather list something attractive to keep them surfing through your web.

*Internet linking of blog is good for SEO.

*Use some important information here.

*You can use awesome image here for good impression.

How to add 'Featured Post' on blog:

It's simple.Just follow these steps.

Open your Blogger account and select your blog.

Go in 'Layout' tab in sidebar.

Layout Page

Then click on 'Add a widget' in right sidebar.
(A pop-up window will be opened,displaying a list of useful widgets.)
Select widget
Add widget

Press '+'(add) button given before featured post.

Select your favourite post and do some settings.
Press save arrangement at right top in 'Layout' page.
You are done.

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