Thursday, 7 April 2016

Things you cannot do on Facebook

Facebook is the world's most popular social network where people interact with one another.

Things which are not possible on Facebook:

Retrieving deleted messages:

If you delete one of your conversation either by accident or intentionally and want it back then you are in a mistake.Facebook does not let anyone retrieve deleted messages which means that deleting messages permanently removes them from your account.

Well,this function is good and I personally like it greatly as it helps in keeping a privacy of your private life.Like,if you have talked someone about your private life and do not want anyone to see it in future then you can remove the messages.In this way,no one from your family can retrieve your old messages to know your private life.

Facebook messenger

Unsent sent messages on Fb:

Suppose you sent a wrong message to someone accidentally or because of problem with keyboard and you want that message not to reach the recipient so what can you don.

Well,Facebook,unlike Twitter,does not let you remove messages before they reach the recipient.A message on Facebook is like an arrow released from bow which cannot be returned.

Twitter gives you the ability to unsent messages by removing them.If you remove a message on twitter,it will be removed from the account of both the sender and recipient permanently.What a goodness!Well,it's great for someone who changes with time and do not want to remember past.

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