Friday, 27 May 2016

Browsing mobile sites from Google Chrome

Have you ever wanted to visited a mobile site Through your PC.I was browsing YouTube but the speed of internet is not so good in Pakistan so I got a way to view mobile version of YouTube.Similarly if you want to visit a wap site or mobile version of website,this method works the best.
You will find a lot of messy chrome extensions which will slow down your PC and might hang it.This is the easiest and safest way to change device mode within seconds than risking the security of your web browser and also of your PC.
So here is the method.

How to enable device mode in Chrome

  • Press F12 or CTRL+SHIFT+I on the webpage of which you want to view mobile version.
  • Or you can right click on the page and click 'Inspect elements' .
(I shall show the demo on YouTube).
Inspect element in Chrome
Inspect element in Chrome
 Inspect element will be opened.It might open at bottom in your browser.
Then do the following:
Mobile mode
After clicking this,the page will be toggled to device mode but it will be looking ugly.Don't worry about that

Youtube mobile

Now press F5 to reload the page and YouTube will be automatically redirect you to mobile version of YouTube.

Now just simply close the inspect menu and enjoy browsing mobile mode on your web browser.
Mobile site on PC
You are done now.
I hope you can do rest of things like changing device mode to Samsung Galaxy or Iphone 6 or to Ipad etc.
Also If you want to disable mobile emulation,you need to follow the reverse procedure which you can do by yourself.
Hope so you did enjoy this post.Don't forget to comment and share this with your friends.

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