Friday, 27 May 2016

Essential Google Chrome extensions

The beauty of a web browser is its ability to giving a wonderful browsing experience.To enhance user experience,Google allowed companies to make extensions.Thousand of developers made a large number of extensions which vary from photo editing,games and video players.Google has also released Chromebook which also shows the diversity of extensions and believe of Google in them that they can provide any of user's need.
I have a large experience with Google extensions so I will like to share the best of extensions I ever used on my web browser.
(Warning:Using too many extensions on a web browser might result in hanging of browser or PC as they work in background and have a large resource usage.)
My list of best and almost essential Google chrome extensions is following.

1) Ad block:

I find no reason which you might not know that why ad blocker is one of the best extensions ever made.Ad blocker simply blocks all ads.Those annoying pop ups and dirty misleading ads.web page loading speed increases tens of times and your web browsing experience improves.The extension got over 40,000,000 users and is getting more and more popular day by day.Those who surf the web often must use it to save time.
Download ad block from chrome store

2)One Tab

The app claims to save upto 95% of computer memory used up due to chrome in which many tabs were opened.Haven't you ever saw in task manager that how much memory is chrome using up.
Well,this app is here to make your pc work faster with one tab at a tme.

One Tab

3)Office Online:

Office online as name implies is from Microsoft corporation and it lets you use Microsoft office online. Well,I am not an epic fan of it but its useful for many people.

4)Pinterest extension

There are people who are familiar with Pinterest and love it.It is a bookmarking site where you can bookmark different sites,images and articles for future use.In other words,its sort of collection of to do things.
Pinterest button
Pinterest button

The extension lets you see whether or not you received an email on your Google mail account.So it saves your time to visit Gmail.
GMail checker

6)Click and Clean

The app is great way to increase your privacy.This simple extension lets you do many complex operation within few clicks.

Click and Clean
Click and Clean

All the mentioned extensions got a good reputation but I will recommend ad blocker the most

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