Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Verify PayPal Using Payoneer US Payment Service in Pakistan

For working of this method you should have a Payoneer card and you can get Payoneer in Pakistan with free 25$ which is limited time offer.
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After getting sign up,this is simple easy.

As you belong to a PayPal unsupported country and want to get a verified PayPal account, you can get it done using Payoneer’s US Payment Service. To verify your PayPal account, you need a Payoneer account with US Payment Service enabled for it. If you still don’t have a Payoneer account, get a Payoneer account now. If you have already an approved Payoneer account, follow below steps to get your PayPal verified using Payoneer’s US Payment Service.

Verify PayPal Using Payoneer US Payment Service

  • Sign-in to your Payoneer account and navigate to US Payment Service under Receive Money tab
us payment
  • On US Payment Service page, scroll down to bottom where you will see the routing number and account number which US Payment Service has provided you
  • Note down these two numbers or let this page open and open your unverified PayPal account in another tab or window
  • In your PayPal dashboard, you will see the status of your account as “Unverified“. Click “Get Verified” link
  • In next page, select “Add Bank Account” option and then provide the routing number and account number which you have noted from US Payment Service’s page in your Payoneer account and click “Continue
 us payment
  • After linking your account number with PayPal, wait for 2 or 3 days
  • PayPal will make two test transactions to your Payoneer account within two or three days. You will receive an email notification from Payoneer when the test money is received in your account
  • Go to your Payoneer account and note down the two amounts which PayPal has sent you
  • Now go back to your PayPal account and again follow “Get Verified” link
  • In appeared screen, select “Confirm Bank Account” option
  • Enter the test amounts which PayPal has sent on your Payoneer account and click “Submit
Now your PayPal account is verified. To take advantage of full features of PayPal, don’t forget to link your Payoneer MasterCard with your PayPal account. Before linking the card, ensure that your Payoneer card has a few dollars ($4-$5) loaded to it. Otherwise you will fail to link the card as PayPal deducts a small test amount from the card while linking process.
Have you got any questions regarding verifying your PayPal through Payoneer’s US Payment Service? Ask below in comments.

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