Thursday, 15 September 2016

Is a high paying alternative to Adsense?

Several advertising networks join the world of PPC and CPM advertising but none of them able to stand in front of AdSense. Some advertising networks even disappeared from the entire web. Some others are operating but they don’t reach even nearer to AdSense. The reason behind failure of these networks is that big brands choose Google Adwords to promote their products and small advertising networks fail to get high-budget advertisers and as a result, they can’t pay good to publishers.
A few days back, I tried MadAdsMedia. It is somehow good but still it stayed much behind than AdSense. In such a situation, finding a good alternative for AdSense is a tough task. Infolinks, Chitika, Qadabra and some other networks are somehow popular but they have their own issues. Some make the site ugly and some pay very low. On the other hand, some advertising networks pay good but they don’t approve sites easily. BuySellAds’s traffic requirements are not high, still they didn’t approve my blog last month. It seems strange. TribalFusion is among highest paying advertising networks, but it also accepts highly visited websites and blogs.

Next, the only advertising network, which deserved to be called as the best alternative to AdSense, is the Yahoo-Bing’s Their contextual ads earn you the money from your blog’s impressions. Several people have been accepted into their program and they are happy. When I inquired a small publisher, he said that he is earning around $5-$6 each day and ads at his blog get around 3K impressions for generating $6. It reveals that isn’t bad at all and may be the true alternative to AdSense if AdSense has either ban you or something else has gone wrong with it.
My experience with is very bad.You can check my final comment in the end.

Signing Up at reviews the submitted applications manually and invite you to work with them if they find your blog or website deserving for showing their ads on it. To start working with them, visit and submit the form. After submitting the form, wait till they review your submitted details. If you are accepted in their program, you will be emailed and then you can setup’s ads on your blog to start monetizing your traffic.
To get eligible for showing ads from on your blog or website, your blog needs to receive majority of traffic from US, UK and other western countries. Once you are accepted, a dedicated person will stay with you assisting in setting up ads on your site and in optimizing the ads to maximize your blog’s revenue. Support from is brilliant and they stay ready always to help you out whenever you face any issue.
My earning with stuck at 0$
I had used earlier on one of my blog which showed an RPM around $2 which isn’t bad at all and is the highest among CPM networks But then all the days afterward,the earning remained zero.I contacted their support and they asked me to be patient because it will take a couple of 'weeks' to know my site and adjust ads.Infact,what they meant was to say me to shut my mouth for a few weeks on seeing earning stuck to 0$.So finally I unplugged them.

Is better than Adsense?

To be honest,I tried for couple of weeks and earning was stuck at 2$ while my traffic was higher than 1.5k daily on average so I would suggest you to stay with adsense and don't go for greedy unless you have traffic from UK and USA.In that case,Adsense will still be better.
My final advice:

Never use unless you are ready to wait for a month or so to see your site stuck at 0$ because they are experimenting with ads.

This is how responds when you complain about 0 earning.
Since these are the first few days of ads being put up, our system is testing an array of creative and optimization options to figure what works on your site. These tests will be concluded in a couple of week's time and you should be seeing significant improvement in the coming days. I will keep you posted with any suggestions that my ad specialists may have to improve the numbers as well. 


So it's up-to you but is not worth. So it's better if you keep yourself and traffic away from it.Moreover,their ads are not at all good looking.

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