Friday, 9 September 2016

Should I use MadAdsMedia? CPM network

While searching for Adsense alternative,I came up with MadAdsMedia.
MadAdsMediaI got impressed by logos of all major PPC and CPM brands including AdSense, Microsoft Advertising, AOL and several others  which were being displayed on homepage.

A calculator was also there which was ready to calculate and tell me about the possible revenue. I then went through it and put in 5000 as daily ad impressions, chose just 5% visitors from both US and UK (although my blog receives good traffic from US, but I was going to calculate the revenue with traffic from the countries other than these two) and then calculated the revenue. The calculated eCPM was good which was $0.92.

Joining MadAdsMedia

After that, I submitted my application for review and day after, I received a confirmation email from them saying that my site has been accepted. A few minutes later, I received another email saying that I can show ads from Google ad network (AdSense) also. (It was because of the reason that my blog’s Alexa stats are good and MadAdsMedia takes this in account during evaluating websites .

MadAdsMedia ad codes

It took another two days before ad codes for my blog got ready. I then implemented the code on my blog by thinking that it will double my blog’s revenue along with AdSense, but the results were not much appreciating. The most frustrating thing was the worst eCPM which never crossed the highest ever value of just $0.34. I am now wondering from where does my traffic come? From any other planet than earth?  , as they were promised me with a minimum eCPM of $0.92. But what happened after the ad implementation? Was MadAdsMedia’s calculator telling lie? Or it is just for attracting people? Here are the stats of my blog’s earnings.
MadAdsMedia Payment
MadAdsMedia Payment proof

My experience with MadAdsMedia

It is my 13th day with MadAdsMedia and till now, it has dissatisfied me. I am sorry to say that MadAdsMedia doesn’t provide the highest eCPM rates in the market about which the network is claiming. Due to its low eCPM rates, I replaced its top banner with AdSense. Another interesting thing about MadAdsMedia on my blog is that now it is showing ads only from AdSense.

Final advice about MadAdsMedia

If you are going to try MadAdsMedia, then you should do experiment. I have read in several popular forums that some people are getting good eCPM rates at this ad network. As we know that there is no any competitor of AdSense, but MadAdsMedia is somehow good and is better than several other advertising networks. If you don’t have AdSense or if you want to earn some extra revenue from your blog, then you should try MadAdsMedia. After trying it, please comeback here and share your experience as others are waiting for knowing about this advertising network. If you have already experienced, don’t forget to tell us about your experience. Comments are appreciated.

The review was written much earlier and MadAdsMedia also had malicious ads for a few days also so they are having bad reputation.Personally,I don't recommend you to use them.

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