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Simple ways to get your blog quickly indexed by Google

Quickly get indexed
Sometimes, it takes very long for your blog posts to get indexed by Google and other search engines. It frustrates a lot when you write-up a post at night but it doesn’t appear in SERPs till next morning. If it is the case with your blog posts, you need to do adapt some strategies which will make your blog post indexing by Google super fast. It is important that if your posts get indexed faster, they will drive organic traffic sooner.

Reasons for Delayed Indexing of Your Blog Posts

Two most common reasons, which result in delayed indexing of your blog posts, are listed below.

Infrequent Update of Blog Posts

When you update your blog occasionally, it fails to provide fresh content to search engine crawlers on higher frequencies. When search engine crawlers detect that you aren’t adding new content on regular basis, they lower their crawl rate and thus your posts don’t get indexed quickly Google and all other search engines.Though this factor is of very minute importance if you keep building backlinks.

Less Number of Backlinks

Number and quality of backlinks also matter in quick indexation of your blog posts. We will discuss later how you can make indexing of your posts quicker by building backlinks.You can also check the easy way to build quality backlinks by commenting

Getting Your Blog Posts Indexed Fast by Google

Below tips will help you in getting quicker indexation of your blog posts by Google. As all these practices have delivered me brilliant results, I hope that you will also find these tips working.

1. Make Use of Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools provide you with all necessary tools for managing your blog’s visibility in search engines. In Google Webmaster Tools, there is an option which allows you to control crawl rate of Google bot to your blog. To get your blog posts quickly indexed by Google, fetch the URL of published post from Google Webmaster Tools and submit it to index. By doing this, you invite Google bot to visit your blog post and index it. In such a way, the post is indexed very quickly, otherwise it may take long.
Bing webmaster tool is also quite effective to get quickly indexted by Yahoo and Bing search engine.

2. Build Inbound Links

inboundThere are a lot of webpages on the Internet at which content goes live on Google and other search engines only a few seconds after the publish. Building some (dofollow) backlinks from such sources greatly helps in quicker indexation of blog posts you publish on your blog. When search engine crawlers crawl these sources (as they do frequently), they follow your blog link, reach your blog and index what you have posted.

3. Add Fresh Content on Frequent Basis

freshWhen you add fresh content on your blog on frequent basis, search engine crawlers find more and more new content and they increase their crawl frequency to your blog. When you keep posting regularly, these crawlers also get punctual in visiting your blog and they index the content quickly soon after you add it. It is one of the best practices for getting your content indexed fast that, add more and more content on regular basis, but always ensure that the content is new and unique.Even if you don't add fresh content or update then keep building backlinks, as backlinks helps google to crawl your page again and again even if there is no new content.

4. Make Crawl Easy for Search Engines

Search engine crawlers grab content well on well structured blogs and websites, so to make indexation of your content quick and easy, build a good blog structure. For achieving this, use a simple theme with less scripts, build a good navigation and develop a good internal linking structure across your entire blog. A good site structure will not only make indexation of your content fast and easy for search engines, but it will help you in gaining higher rankings in SERPs also.
5. Ping Your Blog
Pinging informs search engines that something new has been added to your blog and thus search engine crawlers visit your blog to know what has been added. So after publishing your blog posts, ping your blog URL using PingoMatic or any other pinging service. Ping your blog URL once only as higher pinging isn’t recommended. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, then it has an inbuilt feature of auto-pinging and pings the posts automatically when they are published.

6. Increase Number of Comments on Your Blog

guestThis is yet another working strategy which greatly increases the crawl rate of Google bot to your blog. When you succeed in increasing comments on your blog, more and more unique content is added (as comment of each commentator is unique ). The good thing about comments is that they are kept added all the time and Google bot stays on your blog grabbing new text. Now when you write and publish a new post, it gets indexed very quickly.

7.Blog submission to Directories

Submitting blog to high PR directories also increase respect of a site in Google's eye. 
These were 5 tips which will bring search engine bots to your blog on regular basis and your content will get indexed quickly. I hope these tips will solve your issue if you are facing the prolonged indexation of your blog posts. Got any other tips? Don’t forget to share in comments.

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